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A complete experience of accommodation and gastronomy on the banks of the Danube

Hotel Vega
Bd. Marea Unire nr. 107, 800066 Galați, România

Hotel Faleza
Str. Roșiori nr. 1, 800066, Galați, România




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Sunrise Breakfast Room

(Hotel Faleza*** by Vega)

A new, friendly, cheerful, very chic place, in vibrant shades, where you can enjoy breakfast in peace. Diversified menu, very open people, attentive to your needs. A good omelette, a sandwich with fresh bread – a healthy breakfast with an equally good coffee – this is how you will start your day with us.

And, if it’s summer, we invite you to the terrace that will delight you with the calm and quiet picture of the Danube; admire the sunrise, let yourself be carried away by the most beautiful thoughts at Sunrise Breakfast Room and receive our positive energy.

And if the restaurant and the ambiance have conquered you, we expect you to book the location in time for anniversaries or organized meals, for weddings or baptisms.

Because the details make the difference, we invite you to contact the Vega Events team: email: evenimente@vegahotels.ro, tel: 0742.033.088.