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A la carte



The a la carte menu is the ideal choice for those who want to experience sophisticated recipes full of color and flavor or classic, traditional recipes, reinterpreted in a contemporary way, with a modern presentation. The quality of the products used, from which we do not discount, the Romanian seasonal ingredients, as well as the experience of the chefs, turn the ordered menu into a delight, an unforgettable culinary memory. Each ingredient is highlighted.

The special a la carte menu, with impeccably cooked dishes, with authentic flavors from all over the world, which make our offer unique, is completed by a tailor-made plating and an extremely careful serving.

The gastronomic mastery is doubled by the elegant and modern ambiance of the Lyra restaurant, which completes and completes this vibrant, unique experience.

Playing with the flavors, which we mixed and reinterpreted, we combined in a single plate unique colors, textures, tastes. In Lyra Restaurant you will be able to truly live the 4 **** experience of an a la carte service, provided by professional waiters and chefs, with dishes as healthy as they are creative, served with exceptional wines.